MARC  WB3JOE/R  W3NWA  Southeastern PA

FCC Amateur Radio License

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) licenses an individual to operate in the Amateur Radio Service.  The written examination, which no longer requires a demonstration of telegraphy with Morse Code, is administered by Volunteer Examiners (VE) who are licensed Amateur Radio operators and specially training to provide this service.

MARC provides VE Test Sessions quarterly on the first Saturday of the months of February, May, August and November at 0900 and hosted by the Lower Providence Township Building, 100 Parklane Drive, Eagleville, PA GPS: N 40.16309  W 85.40844.

At the traffic light at Ridge Pike and Eagleville Road, go north on Parklane Drive (away from the Brother Paulís Restaurant) and follow the long driveway to the Township Building. There is parking available in front of and behind the township building.  Use the front door entrance by the flag pole, and turn left once inside the building.  The VE Test Sessions are coordinated by Dick Stewart K3ITH.

More information on Amateur Radio licensure and study materials are available from the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).

As shown in the aerial picture below, parking is available in the lots directly behind and in front of the Lower Providence Township Building (arrow).                                             

MARC VE Test Session Rules

YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE FOR THE VE TEST SESSION.  For more information or to register, please contact Dick Stewart
 K3ITH. If you do not register in advance for the VE Test Session, you may find no one there to test you.

Applicants should arrive no later than 9:15 AM.  All applicants MUST PRESENT EITHER A PHOTO ID OR TWO OTHER FORMS OF POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION.  The test fee is $15, preferably by a CHECK MADE PAYABLE TO ARRL/VEC.  Those wishing to pay cash may do so but please bring EXACT CHANGE.

Applicants already holding an amateur license must BRING THE ORIGINAL OF THAT LICENSE PLUS A PHOTOCOPY OF IT.

Applicants holding a Certificate of Successful Completion (CSCE) for any examination element must BRING THE ORIGINAL CSCE PLUS A PHOTOCOPY OF IT

Applicants wishing to upgrade a Technician License held before 1987 must BRING THE ORIGINAL PLUS A PHOTOCOPY OF THE DOCUMENT VERIFYING THE DATE OF THE ORIGINAL LICENSE.

Applicants wishing to reinstate a license expired by more than two years must BRING THE ORIGINAL AND A COPY OF EXPIRED LICENSE PROOF. Acceptable forms of proof can be found on the ARRL Exam Element Credit web page at

Please be aware of the following Mid-Atlantic Amateur Radio Club policies concerning VE Test Session:

     1 - We stop issuing exams at 11 AM.  After that you will not be permitted to begin a new test.

     2 - If you fail an element, we do not at this VE Test Session allow a retake of that element using another test version.

However, if you are prepared to take the test for the next higher element, you may take that test.  Passing a higher element without passing the lower one does not entitle you to the license associated with that higher element.