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MARC welcomes new members to its Amateur Radio fraternity! The MARC membership year begins on January 1st.   Membership dues paid by new members between October 1st and January 1st are credited through January 1st of the following year. MARC does not accept dues for more than one year at a time. Current yearly MARC dues are $20 for a Full Member who is a licensed Amateur Radio operator, $5 for an unlicensed individual as an Associate Member and $5 for a family member of a Full Member who is also a licensed.

To join MARC as a new member download and print the membership form (pdf or MS Word .doc), fill it out, send it with your check for the proper amount made payable to 'MARC' and mail it to the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 557, Eagleville, PA 19408. Current members with no information changes can 'reup' easily by just sending a check with your callsign noted in the memo of the check.

You can download the Welcoming REMARCS newsletter here. MARC also has an Elmer program for those who are just starting in Amateur radio. For questions about MARC contact any officer.

MARC Membership Badge

MARC members can order a call sign badge from The SignMan of Baton Rouge. Order by entering, under the CLUB ITEMS drop-down menu and selecting the MID ATLANTIC ARC BADGE option, the specific badge Name and Call Sign into the ENTER DETAILS BELOW text entry area.


MARC 2017 Membership

Dues of only $20 a year can be mailed with a check made payable to 'MARC' to the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 557, Eagleville, PA 19408. Current members with no information changes can 'reup' easily by just sending a check with your call sign noted in the memo of the check.

The Google map of MARC members is only periodically updated..

The list of current MARC members in good standing as of February 26, 2018 is shown. If you are greyed-out please send in your 2018 dues. The MARC membership email list has been updated.

AA3BK Brian Kelly N2ZLQ Jeremy Carlo
AA3DB Alan Ponting N3EA Alan M. Maslin
AB3DJ Robert Stock N3AGS Rick Miskinis
AB3FN Alan Glaser N3BFZ Vince Vitullo
AB3OM Jim Weiler N3DZG Alexandra Perrot
AB3WM B. Jeffrey DeKonty N3GBJ Chris Ruhl
K1TEW Todd Tew N3JIZ Bob Palin
K2HA Fred Schramm N3MDE Brian Mulligan
K3DK Dieter Hauer N3NUL Bill Palin
K3DS Dennis Silage N3OMR Michael Lebrun
K3JH John Hucke NE3U Doug Wilkens
K3BOC Mike Pilotti NW3T Jerome Winbush
K3DMH David Hollingsworth W2WTP Jesse Roche
K3FSB Frank Burstein W3CMW Robert Hedin
K3ITH Dick Stewart W3DCL L. James Biddle
K3MKD Ted Burkett W3DI Dan Amoroso
K3NTD Kevin Perrot W3GE Rich Whitekettle
K3RTU Jim Smith W3JG James Goldman
K3UCR Mitch Orrin W3JNF Jim Foster
KA2DDO Andrew Pavlin W3UEC Stephen Dubin
KA3CBS Tony Lamorgese W3YSZ Karl Scholz
KA3EIW Ann Lytle W3ZQN Bob Lees
KA3GHS Greg Selke W3ZV Ron Kenwood
KA3GKI Beth Lytle WA3ADI Vincent Buono
KA3OXA Floyd Schoenberg WA3BRZ John Moore
KB3ANO Denise Burstein WA3EYD Stephen Fortin
KB3FSQ Robert Weiss WA3PZO Bob Josuweit
KB3HMR Michael Korejwo WA3UOC Marlene Patrick
KB3MIC James Matz WB3LDG Topher Wurts
KB3RLP Charles Arnao WB4PWZ Robert Caverly
KB3VZL Richard Russo WD3W Roger Brace
KB3ZCA John Pittman WQ3E Josy Malebranche
KB3ZCB Donna Ferron WQ3Z Ned Smith
KC3DS Charles Wood WW3PIX Greg Mont
KC3AM David Stepnowski WX3I Lou Ruh
KC3ACK Scott Bellamy Deborah Foster
KC3ACL Ronald Bellamy Doug Jones
KC3ACM Karen Bellamy Zacone
KC3DUE Parag Malik  
KC3FMS Christine McCreesh  
KC3FMT Brian Smith  
KC3FRF William Shaner  
KC3HLZ Steven Thompson  
KC3HTO Andrew Kelly  
KC3HZA Pamela Thompson  
KC3IGM Ted Zarcone  
KC3ITU James Gill  
KC3KUE Timothy Bossert  
KD3WK Steve Werner  

MARC Membership - Google Map