MARC  WB3JOE/R  W3NWA  Southeastern PA


Yaesu System Fusion Repeater Test Program

MARC has been selected as a test site for the new Yaesu System Fusion repeater system. Sal Marandola NC3U was instrumental in MARC being included in the program. As part of the test, the MARC 445.675 MHz ICOM analog FM repeater in Paoli has been replaced by the Yaseu DR-1 repeater. The DR-1 repeater was provided by Yaseu for testing and critical feedback on its performance. Yaesu also provided a compatible FT1-DR HT and FTM-400DR mobile transceiver for evaluation.

The Yaesu System Fusion is a digital communications methodology for voice and data communications.  System Fusion utilizes a standard known as C4FM FDMA which is an advanced form of audio frequency shift keying (AFSK).  The DR-1 repeater handles both conventional analog FM and the C4FM digital transmission.

The Yaesu System Fusion technology features the Automatic Mode Select function that recognizes whether the signal is digital or analog and automatically switches to match the received mode. That means that current analog FM users can be accommodated. There are two modes of operation that will be evaluated. In the first mode, if the DR-1 repeater receives C4FM digital signals, it converts them and retransmits them in analog FM automatically and when receiving analog FM signals it retransmits them unchanged. In the second mode, the DR-1 repeater retransmits C4FM digital and analog FM signals independently and unchanged. MARC members with analog FM transceivers can continue to use the 445.675 MHz repeater.

However, as currently configured the DR-1 repeater is not compatible with the SCOM 7330 controller at Paoli. As a result the 445.675 MHz repeater will be stand-alone and not be linked to the MARC 145.13 MHz Paoli or 147.06 MHz Newtown Square repeaters at this time. Also C4FM FDMA is not compatible with the established ICOM D-STAR repeaters. There are now several Yaseu System Fusion repeaters in the Delaware Valley including:
Atlantic County K2ACY 447.575-; Camden County WA3WUN 147.225+ and KB2AYS 445.125-; Gloucester County W2MMD 147.180+; Lancaster County KX3B 146.745-; Ocean County W2DOR 146.910- and NJ2AR 448.625-; and Philadelphia W3QV 444.800+

Boy Scouts

In 2013, MARC made a significant commitment to provide support to the Boy Scouts.  Two of our members, Doug (NE3U) and Steve (KD3WK) are registered merit badge counselors and at Field Day they worked with 12 scouts who successfully earned their Radio Merit Badge.  In August, MARC worked with seven more scouts who earned their radio merit badges.  In October, Doug and Steve attended the Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) station run by Troop 8 in Honey Brook and in 2014 MARC has committed to setting up a JOTA station for the Chester County Council at a location to be determined.  MARC is also working with the Chester County Council with the hopes of setting up a permanent station.

Incentive Program

In late 2013, the MARC Board of Directors approved an incentive award program designed to assist in promoting volunteer efforts and to reward those members of MARC who give so generously of their time to assist the club.  Each MARC member, in good standing, who participates in a qualifying event, receives one ‘credit.’  Qualifying events include participating in Field Day and the Hamfest, being a net control operator, writing an article for REMARCS, making a presentation at a club meeting, participating in a VE test session and helping out at a public service event.  Each credit becomes a chance at a drawing to be held at the annual Holiday Party.  The more a member participates, the greater the number of chances to win a $100 gift certificate from Ham Radio Outlet.  The winner for 2013 was Yak (N3MQM).  Chris Ruhl (N3GBJ) has agreed to manage the award program for 2014.

MARC Special Service Club

MARC has been re-endorsed as an ARRL Special Service Club for our continuing efforts to improve the visibility of Amateur Radio in he community and to prepare to assist in emergencies. Eastern Pennsylvania Section Manager Robert Famiglio K3RF presented the SSC certificate at the November 2013 club meeting.

PA QSO Party

The results for the participation by MARC members in the 2014 PA QSO party have been compiled. Bob WB4PWZ 2011 score remains at the top with 81 076 points but these scores were posted ny MARC members:
Ron W3ZV 68 418
Steve KS3K 27 408
Dennis K3DS      17 452
Jim K3RTU      1 458

MARC Turtle Rock Lighthouse Operation

Operated by Steve KS3K, Mike KF3CD, Jim K3RTU, Ned WQ3Z and Dave K3DMH MARC participated in the lighthouse operation weekend at the Turtle Rock Lighthouse along Boathouse Row in Philadelphia for the second year in a row on August 17, 2014 using the club call W3NWA. The MARC group made 72 contacts which included 4 other lighthouse operations, 4 DX entries and W1AW/5 in Oklahoma with an ICOM 718 transcever and Outbacker/Alpha-Delta Outpost tripod antenna mount with Hamstick antennas, mostly on 20 M SSB. The Lighthouse operation will be repeated in August, 2015.

MARC 2014 Field Day

MARC held its successful 2014 ARRL Field Day at the Lower Providence Fire Company in Eagleville, PA using the club callsign W3NWA. The MARC Field Day signs along busy Ridge Pike brought many visitors to the site. If you missed the 2014 Field Day make plans to join MARC for the 2015 Field Day on June 27-28, 2015 at the same location. Field Day was combined with the MARC picnic and a Boy Scout radio merit badge program and GOTA station.

The 2012 FD score was 2032 points. The 2013 FD score toped that with 2032 points operating 2-Alpha, club station and emergency generator power. The 2014 FD score was 1950 points.

2014 QSO's: 148 CW x 2 (multiplier) x 2 (power) =  592  points and 284 SSB x 2 (power) = 568 points

2014 Bonus Points: 790

1. 100% Emergency Power: 100 points per transmitter x 2 stations = 200 points   2. Public Location: 100 bonus point
s  3. Public Information Table: 100 bonus points (sign-in sheet and ARRL Information Sheet)   4. W1AW FD message: 100 points   5. Web submission: 50 points  6. Media publicity: 100 points  6. Educational activity and youth participation 120 points

W3NWA - 2014 Band Statistics:





80 M 42 27
40 M 99 50
20 M 100 57
15 M 35 9
10 M 4 5
6 M 2 0

MARC Discover the Fun of Ham Radio in the 21st Century Banner

MARC now has great display banner available courtesy of Mike Pilotti KF3CD. Carrying on the theme that ham radio is fun, the banner will alert visitors to MARC. The banner rolls up and is easily transported. Mike is a very active club member responsible for the operation and yearly success of the MARC Hamfest.

MARC Holiday Party








MARC held its annual Holiday Party on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at the Uno Chicago Grill, Newtown Square.  The Club subsidizes this event and the cost to members was only $10. For non-members the cost was only $20. The Uno Grill provided us with a separate dining room with a fireplace and a flat screen TV for a college football game.  Club members were treated to a luncheon with an entree and dessert. A great time was had by all! The 2014 MARC Holiday is scheduled for December 13, 2014 at 12 PM at the same location: Uno Chicago Grill, 3910 West Chester Pike (PA 3 west of PA 252), Newtown Square.

MARC Hosts Riley Hollingsworth K4ZDH

MARC hosted Riley Hollingsworth K4ZDH at the regular meeting on Tuesday, November 20, 2012. Riley was Special Counsel for the Spectrum Enforcement Division of the FCC's Enforcement Bureau and retired in 2008. In the opinion of many he was man who came to embody Amateur Radio Enforcement. At his retirement Riley said that he has "loved" working for the FCC and has "always had great jobs, but this one involving the Amateur Radio Service has been the most fun and I have enjoyed every day of it. I've worked with the best group of licensees on earth, enjoyed your support and tremendous FCC support and looked forward every day to coming to work. The Amateur Radio Enforcement program will continue without missing a beat, and after retirement I look forward to being involved with Amateur Radio every way I can. I thank all of you for being so dedicated and conscientious, and for the encouragement you give us every day."

Riley joined the Enforcement Program of the Compliance and Information Bureau in January 1998, as Legal Advisor for Enforcement. He was placed in charge of coordinating enforcement in the Amateur Services after that program was transferred to the Enforcement Bureau in October 1998. Riley then became Special Counsel with the new Enforcement Bureau and managed the Amateur Radio Service enforcement and the Land Mobile Service interference resolution programs.

Prior to joining the Enforcement Bureau Riley was an enforcement trial attorney and later Deputy Chief of Licensing and Assistant Bureau Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau. In 1987, he managed the FCC 800 MHz Lottery Task Force in which the 800 MHz spectrum was assigned to 13 cities. He also organized the FCC's program in which
underutilized radio channels were recovered for reassignment in major cities. In 1992, Riley participated as a Member of the Delegation from the US State Department to Bucharest, Romania, where radio licensing in the United States and opening foreign markets to American manufacturers were addressed. Riley was Co-Chairman for the FCC PCS Broadband and Narrowband Licensing Task Force in 1994.

Riley is Assistant Director of the Atlantic Division of the ARRL. He is a member of the Quarter Century Wireless Association and was first licensed in 1960. Riley is now a CQ Magazine contributing editor with a monthly column "Riley's Ramblings" which covers legislative and administrative actions that affect Amateur Radio.

Elmer Program

MARC has an Elmer program.  As most of you know, “Elmer" is a nickname or term used to describe someone that can answer lots of your Amateur Radio related questions when you are starting out in 'Ham Radio'.  We have a number of members who are new to Amateur Radio and some members who are back in the hobby after a long absence – being an Elmer would be very helpful to these folks and other new 'hams' who will join our club in the future.  


We have a lot of very experienced hams in MARC who could bring a lot of value to an Elmer program. MARC has a list of club members who would be willing to be Elmers. If you would like to take advantage of being mentored send your requests to Steve KD3WK.


Here are two links that have some good information about Elmers and Amateur Radio in general:


MARC and DCARA Merger

The Board of Directors of MARC have approved a proposal at the February 2012 meeting to merge with the Delaware County Amateur Radio Association (DCARA).  The DCARA linked repeater system at the Mercy Fitzgerald Hosptial in Darby, PA and operates on 147.36 <> 224.50 <> 444.05 MHz with a PL of 131.8 MHz and are on the emergency generator power system of the facility.  Although the MARC and the former DCARA repeater systems are not linked, the Darby repeaters will complement the coverage of the MARC repeater system, extending north to the Bucks, Burlington and Mercer County, while the MARC repeater system extends to the south into state of Delaware and east and north into Chester County.  MARC members are invited to use both repeater systems.

The DCARA was founded as was MARC in 1977 and served the Amateur Radio community in southern Delaware County and southern New Jersey. For routine and emergency communication, especially at the Philadelphia International Airport, the Darby repeater system is a valuable asset for Amateur Radio preparedness. 

      MARC 35th Anniversary

On November 17, 1976, the first board meeting of what was then know as the Keystone ARC took place to turn the users of the '06 repeater into an Amateur Radio club.  The first club meeting took place on December 10, 1976.  An early order of business was to choose another club name, since there already was (and still is) a Keystone ARC in the Philadelphia area.  The Radnor Repeater Group name had given way to the Mid-Atlantic Radio Club by February, 1977, and in June of that year the "Amateur" had come into the club's title in order to qualify for a club call sign.  The club call sign WB3JOE came to us in 1978, but the '06 repeater used WR3AKR, whose trustee was Phil WA3VCS.  By August, 1977 MARC was meeting at Metropolitan Federal Savings Bank (City Line and Haverford Aves.), where we stayed until 1985.  From REMARCS November 1986

Breakfast Eyeball QSO

MARC members are invited to join their fellow members for breakfast and an eyeball QSO on the second Saturday of the month, mornings at 0900 at the Country Squire, 2560 West Chester Pike (at the intersection of PA 3 West Chester Pike and PA 320 Sproul Road), Broomall, PA.  Shown at the get together (below right, clockwise form the left) are Steve KD3WK, Doug NE3U, Jim K3RTU, Jim W3DCL, John KB3MPO, Brenden W3VD, Brandon KB3VYD and Dennis K3DS.

MARC Yahoo Group

MARC has a Yahoo discussion group to foster communications between and to distribute information to Club members.  Announcements about Amateur Radio and related items 'For Sale' or 'Wanted' may be posted to this Group.  However, commercial ads are not allowed.  MARC accepts no responsibility for any transactions resulting from 'For Sale' or 'Wanted' ads posted to this Group.  The Group is moderated and requests for membership to this Yahoo group must be approved.  Group members may choose to receive posts via email or by the Yahoo website only.  To join: go to Yahoo and search for the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Radio Club.

MARC Facebook Page

MARC has a Facebook page to also foster communications between and to distribute information to Club members.  To join: go to Facebook and search for the Mid-Atlantic Amateur Radio Club.

MARC Honors Dieter Hauer, K3DK

MARC President Steve Werner, KD3WK presented past President Dieter Hauer, K3DK with a special plaque at the Board Meeting on November 9, 2010.  This award was given to Dieter for all he has done for the club, especially over the past three years.  Dieter has been a board member, President, REMARCS Newsletter Editor and Field Day Captain.  He took over these responsibilities at a critical time in MARC’s history.  Past President, Steve Maslin N3ORH was moving to Florida and perennial Board members Carter Craigie N3AO and Kay Craigie N3KN were moving to Virginia.  Dieter stepped right in and kept the club thriving.  Dieter remains on the Board as the trustee of the Club call W3NWA. 

MARC Auction Rules

The MARC auction is usually held in April as a regular Club meeting.  The rules of the auction are:

1.   All items are to be sold as is and any disputes are to be resolved between the seller and buyer.  MARC assumes no responsibility for the transaction.

2.   The auction sell price is to be paid directly by the buyer to the seller.

3.   The seller donates 10% of the sale price to a maximum of $10 as a proceed to MARC.  The amount can be paid to the Treasury at any time. 

4.   The direction of the auctioneer is final and all sellers and buyers agree to this.