MARC  WB3JOE/R  W3NWA  Southeastern PA

Officers of the Club 2015-2016

President Jeremy Carlo N2ZLQ
Vice President
Secretary Michael Lebrun N3OMR
Treasurer  Lou Ruh  WX3I
Membership Services Chris Ruhl  N3GBJ
Programs Richard Russo  KB3VZL
Public Relations  Jim Biddle  W3DCL
Public Service Bob Palin  N3JIZ
Technical Services Dennis Silage  K3DS
Member-At-Large  Doug Wilkens  NE3U
Member-At-Large Jim Smith  K3RTU
Trustee WB3JOE/R Dennis Silage  K3DS
Trustee W3NWA Dieter Hauer  K3DK
Webmaster Dennis Silage  K3DS

Any Officer of MARC can be contact via email by